Guitar Center Accepts Donations to The American Red Cross Illinois Tornado Relief

by / Monday, 09 December 2013 / Published in Announcements

Red_Cross_Illinois_Tornado_Relief_Fund_POPWith the tragic events that have unfolded recently in Illinois, now is the time for everyone to come together as one community for those individuals and families that were so dramatically impacted. To help support the healing of the affected Illinois communities, Guitar Center will accept donations to the Red Cross Illinois Tornado Relief between Monday, November 25 and Tuesday, December 24.

This storm hit particularly close with one of our employees who is from Washington, IL where the storm did it’s worst damage with an F4 tornado and witnessed how much the people of IL really need everyone’s help to recover from this tragedy that struck just before the holiday season.

As a Guitar Center Sales Associate, I am proud to be able to help in any way and I know our great customers will feel the same. To contact me for more information, go to: