We have had some issues where a customer filed a dispute with Paypal claiming that they didn't receive their order without ever contacting us first. Many of these issues could have been cleared up without contacting Paypal because we keep detailed shipping records for each order and will do whatever we can to remedy the problem.

When you file a dispute with Paypal, they automatically freeze our funds, which is not fair to us since every order is ALWAYS shipped to the shipping address defined in your Paypal account. Even though we feel bad about it, if the post office looses your shipment, or someone steals it off of your porch, that is an issue you have to take up with the post office, NOT US. Of course, we will provide you with the tracking information and even contact the post office to remedy the situation, but the order is out of our hands at that point.

So going forward, we are forced to implement the following policy:

If you have an issue with your order or did not receive your order PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. If you file a dispute with Paypal without contacting us first:

  1. We will never sell to you again.
  2. We will block your IP address so you can no longer visit our site.
  3. We will remove you from our mailing list and unfriend you on Facebook, if applicable.

We're sorry to have to take these actions and apologize to all of our wonderful customers, but these unnecessary disputes are costing us time and money.

Thank you for your business!

PAYPAL, since it is the easiest for credit card transactions, BUT you can email info@miserbros.com if you would rather pay by check or money order.

Books and T-shirts are shipped USPS PRIORITY FLAT RATE with tracking...smaller items are shipped FIRST CLASS MAIL to keep costs down. In the event that the post office decides to be open on a LIMITED BASIS with no Saturday delivery, we may switch to UPS.

Orders usually ship within 48 hours.

As of 2016, we are ONLY shipping orders to addresses within the UNITED STATES. We felt like we were forced to do this for two reasons.

  1. As of this year, the international shipping rates have increased drastically, going up about 25%. This is certainly a deterrent to sales when it now costs around $75 to ship a book to Australia.
  2. We've had several incidents with orders shipped internationally where the customer claimed they didn't receive their order and instead of contacting us to try to track it down, they filed a dispute with Paypal, which freezes our funds, even though these were issues with the USPS, not us.

So rather than having to deal with complaints about the outrageous shipping costs and having our funds frozen for no fault of our own, we found it necessary to suspend international shipping.

We apologize to all of the Rankin/Bass fans. If we had any say in the pricing and policy, things would certainly be a lot different. Please direct complaints to the USPS and Paypal.

T-Shirts have to been run in bulk. We cannot get our T-Shirt vendor to just print 1 or 2 at a time. In order to place an order with our vendor, we have to have to print at least 3 of each size. This means that we have to order shirts on an "as-needed" basis, meaning, if the shirt is out of stock, we have to wait until we have enough shirt orders to place a print order.

Unfortunately, this means that we sometimes have to wait several months to place print orders, depending on how many orders we have.

When you are ordering, please take note of whether the shirt is in stock. If it IS in stock, we will ship it to you within a few days. If it is NOT in stock, it may take some time before you recieve it. If the shirt is out of stock, you will see the message "Available on backorder" right about the "Add to cart" button after you select the size.

We maintain stock of all of our books, but on occasion, we run out. If our stock runs low, we place a reprint order with our book vendor. Depending out the volume of the order, or vendor can print and ship the books to us within a week or two, however, the production process is sometimes delayed. If this happens, it may take us additional time to get your order shipped. If you have any concerns or questions about your order you can always contact us at info@miserbros.com